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Dude, reminds me of a personal trainer I had when I first joined the gym. While I definitely needed someone to teach me different exercises and how to use all the machines, I kept buying sessions with him long after I needed to because he was fucking gorgeous.


From anonymous via email:

Coach, when I was wrestling my coach was very physical, but only if you won.  If you lost he’d ignore you.  But if you won, he’d pick you up and hug you and always be making physical contact— and this super physical behavior would last a week until the next meet (while at the same time he’d ignore the guys who didn’t win). If I didn’t win I’d crave his affection, like I’d obsess about it and start longing for it.  

When I won he’d pick me up up, hug and hold me, and during or after practice he’d rub my shoulders and give massages, and at practice if our backs were to the wall or away from others, he’d run his hand all over my back and down to my butt and just hold it or knead it while we were talking, like nothing was going on (I’ll admit I got a semi more than once).

It got like it was a drug I craved, so it shouldn’t surprise that I did very well and went on to compete at nationals.  I’m married now but I think about it - more so now that I’m following your blog. Thanks! :-) 

The bond between coach and athlete can be a very powerful tool that some coaches will use to motivate their athletes.  Thanks for sharing your experience.  Here are a couple pics that might resonate for you. Keep in touch. -Coach


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